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Calculum Inc

John Basquill

Artificial intelligence: a revolution for SCF?

August 16, 2021
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Calculum Inc

Press kit

March 5, 2020
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Artificial intelligence has long been hyped as revolutionary for supply chain finance. But despite some high-profile false dawns, practical applications of the technology are continuing to emerge and improve. John Basquill looks at the role of AI within the industry today – and where the next frontiers may lie.

Another potential application is around ESG. Oliver Belin, founder of financial supply chain analytics platform Calculum, tells GTR that corporates are increasingly demanding their suppliers meet specific criteria.

“The world is changing. Companies cannot just look at their own goals, and optimise their payment terms based on that,” says Belin.

“Besides looking at suppliers’ financial metrics, country rating and industry-specific information, corporate buyers also need to look at environmental and sustainability factors, and incentivize minority-owned suppliers.

“The question is: How can you support your decision-making process based on that data? AI-driven systems can integrate all of that, calculating the best terms based on those various supplier characteristics and peer group data.”

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