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We’re on a mission to democratize data

Calculum is a science-driven, AI-powered supply chain analytics platform unlocking working Capital, generating billions of free cash flow. Calculum does it by providing insights to finance and procurement teams on their suppliers, allowing them to transform the way payment terms are benchmarked, negotiated, and optimized. The result is, on average, 8% in additional cash flow, considering ESG, credit ratings, and supply chain risk assessments.

Headquartered in Miami, with operations in Europe and South America, Calculum’s platform is a Spinoff from the leading University of St. Gallen in Switzerland and is currently used by some of the largest companies in the world to gain a competitive advantage.

Cal-cu-lum (kalkyələm, Latin) is the mathematical study of continuous change, a particular method or system of calculation and reasoning.

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Our vision as key driver

It started with a vision

Is there a better way to apply data analytics and AI to improve decisions made within financial supply chains? Our company was born with the aim of achieving the first step in this journey: calculating and negotiating the optimum payment terms between suppliers, thus improving working capital and margins and reducing risks and costs for businesses across the world.

Payment terms form an integral part of any business-to-business (B2B) relationship affecting cash flow, profitability, sales growth, credit, and supply risk with an impact on a company’s shareholder value.

To help businesses grow and optimize overall company performance based on their financial supply chain, Calculum was born and built the first platform capable of analyzing, predicting, and optimizing payment terms with millions of suppliers around the globe.

Calculum’s long-term mission

Our mission

Exceptionally engineered systems

We are a team of engineers and entrepreneurs with experience in global supply chains, data management, and fintech. We hold the solutions we craft to the highest standards and believe that exceptionally engineered systems are the cornerstones of the value proposition to our clients.


Navigating through multiple data sources and thousands of different data points is complex and time-consuming. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and perfected by processing millions in transactions, Calculum provides accurate, updated information on your financial supply chain that allows you to gain a competitive advantage.

Available for every company

We’re passionate about enabling sustainability and facilitating access to financial liquidity, empowering businesses and their suppliers to be more competitive. So far, insights into financial supply chains have been offered by expensive top-tier consultancy companies and based on their manual calculations. Our mission is to make data available to every company in any industry, regardless of size and country.

Corporate values 

Our values

Our position today

Where we are

We are on a mission, allowing companies to unlock billions of dollars in free cash flow, improving their margins, selecting the right suppliers, and reducing the risk of supply chain disruptions. Tasks that took companies and experienced analysts months to achieve on a small number of suppliers, can be done by Calculum in seconds.

By leveraging AI and advanced algorithms based on millions of data points, we generate crucial insights into financial supply chains and uncover opportunities available to any business regardless of size, industry, or geography.

Our position tomorrow

Where we’re going

Calculum has embarked on a journey with the team, developing many more solutions that extend and expand the offering to customers. This ensures companies have more insights, further improving their liquidity and supplier relationships.

Once you have created a platform that collects, collates, and analyzes key data points of companies’ financial supply chains, attributing actions to a company’s performance becomes possible and inevitable.

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