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Scientific approach

Benchmark, analyze, and unlock working capital

With Calculum, you can compare your company with your competitors and analyze each of your suppliers - whether they’re small, privately-owned, or based in emerging markets - for direct and indirect spend.

Get insights into your buyer leverage with each supplier, their credit rating and financial strength, their financing costs, their Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), and their Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) assessment.

Calculum’s ADA Platform will tell you what payment terms are offered to your competitors by suppliers. Customized scripts with all the right arguments for each supplier empower Procurement and Sourcing Executives to win every negotiation with suppliers based on the key reasonings. The result - on average, over 8% in working capital benefits and free cash flow.

But we don’t stop there. We follow through and help you set up optimization programs such as harmonizing your terms across your organization or setting up a Supply Chain Finance program. In addition, we help you with supplier communication and create your own plan on the ADA platform for executing and tracking results within your organization.

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Artificial intelligence

AI-enabled competitive analytics platform

Calculum provides you with a secure, science-driven, cloud-based supply chain intelligence platform. We call her ADA.
ADA uses rule-based logic to collate, process, analyze, predict, and visualize financial supply chain data from multiple internal and external sources. Over 25 different factors are used to optimize and negotiate your payment terms based on data insights from your competitors. 

The analysis of payment terms is based on years of development, including research conducted by the team and academics from the leading University of St.Gallen in Switzerland.

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Get a competitive advantage

Track your suppliers in real-time to reveal strategic opportunities

Peer-Group Analysis

Benchmark your key working capital metrics, cash conversion cycle, and payment terms versus direct competitors, customers, suppliers, and peer group averages such as region, country, or industry.

Spend Analysis

An aggregated view on your suppliers gives you insights into spend concentrations, buyer leverage, credit ratings, payment terms, and geographical and industrial distribution.

Payment Terms Analysis

Detailed analysis on optimizing your payment terms based on different strategies such as DSO comparison, leveraging industry standards, country legislations, and the payment terms offered to your competitors.

Risk Scoring & Financing Costs

Analyzing each supplier’s financials allows you to review their credit risk score and your overall risk exposure on a portfolio level. It gives you an indication of your supplier’s cost of financing.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics based on algorithms learning from new data uploads and client feedback loops, providing ongoing updates on your supplier and ensuring your competitive advantage.

Execution & Negotiation

Based on the analysis, individual scripts including all the key negotiation arguments for each supplier are available, allowing you to track negotiation results and milestones across your organization.

Planning & Phases

Detailed plan on how to roll out new payment terms based on your goals, including the ability to track multiple phases over a specific time period.

Supplier & Customer Scorecards

Full analysis of each individual supplier, payment terms comparisons with your competitors, as well as financial and peer-group analysis.

Get a competitive advantage

Reveal strategic opportunities and derive insights

You no longer have to rely on numerous Excel files and manual guesstimates to interact with data from your supply chain and your numerous ERP systems. Now, you can design your working capital optimization program, collaborate on plans, make payment terms negotiations, and automate its execution using Calculum’s intuitive ADA Platform.

Explore datasets from over 15 million profiled private and public companies. Efficiently search datasets organized on an aggregated and singular naming structure.

Who is Ada

Achieving your targets

Your corporate objectives supported

Calculum helps your treasury, finance, procurement, and sourcing teams with your objectives around unlocking working capital, generating free cash flow, improving margins, reducing risk, and supporting financing initiatives such as Supply Chain Finance.

Improve Working Capital

Generate Cash Flow

Reduce Working Capital

Reduce (DSO)

Increase (DPO)

Manage Risks

Monitor Credit Risk

Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions

Improve Transparency on Customers

Improve Transparency on Suppliers

Support Financing

Support Supply Chain Financing

Support Dynamic Discounting

Improve Margins

Reduce Pricing of Purchased Goods/Services

Generate more Cash Discounts

Generate Higher Revenues

Secured and Encrypted

Derive insights while protecting your data as a core asset

Instead of predicting payment terms by comparing the same companies, Calculum applies an attribute and pattern-based approach, allowing you to compare similar, alternative suppliers.

All companies are anonymized and analyzed based on their key attributes and trading patterns. This allows you to compare similar companies with the same features, creating millions of different combinations. By using only attributes and patterns rather than company names, Calculum also ensures data privacy.

Security and encryption

Options to work with us

We make it easy for you to get started

You can use our APIs and data integrations or simply upload your data and queries via an Excel / CSV file. And, of course, you can always query our database and search for companies in our ADA Platform.

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