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We love people who challenge the status quo; that’s what we do for our customers. We challenge the way our clients currently generate free cash flow, unlock working capital, and negotiate their payment terms. By utilizing data and technology, we help unlock value within their supply chain and gain a competitive advantage.

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Today, numerous solutions help companies source and compare suppliers, determine pricing, and predict future cash flow requirements.

However, there is no solution that helps determine the right payment terms with suppliers to avoid being on the wrong side of that negotiation. Calculum is improving shareholder value for companies, optimizing working capital, and generating billions in free cash flow whilst utilizing the largest database on payment terms and leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

We are changing the market

Making an impact

Not every company seeks to disrupt a market, but that’s what we aim for at Calculum. We’re changing how payment terms are benchmarked, optimized, and negotiated with suppliers globally. This takes advanced technology, experience, along with exceptional people. And that’s where you come in.

We’re seeking talented individuals who thrive on innovating, thinking big, teaming up, and being creative. If this sounds like you, come join us. We’ll go the extra mile, enhance your skills and talents, and ensure your success within our organization.

And this is just the beginning. We are working to build a future in which companies can use data to fulfill the mandates with which it has been entrusted, and deliver value to businesses all over the world.

We are passionate, curious, and diverse


Inspiration and Passion

We work in small teams or as independent specialists. We share common goals with no need for silos or hierarchy. Our strength comes from diversity of talent, cultures, and personalities. We believe that inspired employees create successful customers. We’re passionate about thinking big, moving fast, and delivering results.

Focus on our Clients

Our work is complex, ranging from computer science, data analytics, software engineering to corporate finance. By always staying focused on the problems our clients are trying to solve, we clarify our own thinking about the right way forward.

Curious about discovering

The problems we’re most excited to solve are far beyond our current areas of expertise, which is motivating to us. It enables incredible growth for people joining Calculum.

Diverse and distributed team

Calculum is helping every employee realize their full potential, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or background. We’re committed to hiring a diverse and talented team across a number of cities around the world. We keep every location connected with transparency and open dialogue. We fly team members to meet at our HQ in Miami and build a community of friends and long-term relationships.

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