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Grow your business with the Calculum Partner Program. Our inclusive program welcomes Partners from around the globe, offering several different types of partnerships.

We belong to a diverse ecosystem of partners whose offerings complement and align with our own in a way that delivers added value to their business and customers. We create mutually beneficial partnerships with industry leaders and organizations by providing best-in-class solutions for financial supply chains. These partnerships are a critical link in achieving our mission of helping our clients and their trading partners be more competitive.

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White label partner

You can white label the ADA Platform and make it part of your own.

White labelling the ADA Platform enhances your technology by effectively reselling our solution like yours. As a white label partner, you can purchase services from us on behalf of your clients and then collect payments from them. This way you ensure to be the primary point of contact for your clients.

As a partner, we provide expertise and help you integrate a solution that benefits your customer. We train your sales force to effectively sell and implement the combined solution.

Sell ADA

Selling partner

We provide your sales reps with the benefits and differentiators of our solution.

Being a strong promoter to new markets, your sales force positions Calculum’s solution as a value-added to your offering. We provide your sales reps with the benefits and differentiators of our solution, enabling them to illustrate to customers the benefits of using the ADA Platform.

As a Calculum selling partner, you are among a select group of companies authorized to resell our products and services to your clients. Our partners receive top-tier support and services, including additional financial incentives, a dedicated partner team, and access to sales and marketing tools.

Long-term Partnerships

Type of partners

Financial Institutions and Insurers

Are you a bank or financial institution offering working capital finance or trade finance solutions?  Are you a credit insurer offering risk mitigation? Set up a call with us to see how Calculum can improve your financial services, increase sales opportunities, and reduce risk.

Financial institutions can bring the ADA Platform to their customers through our reseller and white label programs and in return they can deepen their client relationships. Whether you’re a multinational bank or capital market funder, Calculum’s flexible partner program can meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of becoming a reseller or white label partner.

Consultants, Fintechs, Data and Service Providers

Are you offering supply chain finance and reverse factoring solutions or providing working capital consultancy and advisory services? The ADA Platform can help you reduce costs and scale your services without increasing your team of analysts.

Are you part of an industry-leading consultancy, fintech,  data or service provider? We’re looking for partners like you. Our partners are an integral part of our growth strategy because they enable us to deliver great integrations to our solutions and make it easy for our customers to get up and running on our software.

Consultants, fintechs, and technology partners work closely with Calculum to create a seamless experience for their clients. Become a reseller or white label partner today and benefit from our partnership program.

White label

Use the ADA Platform for your clients

Calculum's comprehensive financial services and data solutions can be configured for your organization, allowing you to use the power of data to rapidly analyze as well as offer consultancy financial services to your customers. Technology that would take you years to develop is adapted to meet your needs, providing additional revenue with the ability to scale without requiring a staff of analysts.


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Being a Calculum partner allows your clients to be more competitive. We are always interested to meet like-minded partners looking to improve supply chain performance. Contact us today to learn how we can deliver greater value together.

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