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Calculum Inc


April 19, 2023
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Calculum Inc

Press kit

March 5, 2020
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Our media pack is available for download and contains the Calculum logos and company information. If you’d like to receive our press releases, organise an interview, and collaborate on a content piece, please contact us.

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About Calculum

Who is Calculum?

Calculum is a Miami (FL) based FinTech company that helps organizations unlock millions in working capital and generate free cash flow by optimizing payment terms. In short, Calculum allows companies get paid earlier and pay invoices later.

What does Calculum provide?

Calculum allows organizations to compare themselves with their competitors. With the web-based platform leveraging artificial intelligence, you can analyze all your suppliers regarding in terms of payment terms, financials, sustainability, ESG (Economic Social Governance), and seize all the necessary arguments to negotiate more favorable terms.

On average, how many potential working capital benefits can you identify?

Calculum identifies, on average, over 20% in working capital benefits on every dollar spend analyzed, positively impacting free cash flow, which companies can in turn invest into their growth, development, and sustainability programs.

What type of companies can benefit from Calculum?

Calculum provides to companies of all sizes, including banks, and private equity institutions, and their corporate clients globally.

What is ADA?

ADA is Calculum’s secure, cloud-based data analytics platform. It uses rules-based logic to collate, process, analyze, predict, and visualize large volumes of data from multiple internal and external sources. ADA layers different factors to predict and estimate payment terms between companies and their suppliers and customers. 
It includes factors such as: the company size of the client and its trading parties, leverage of the client and its trading parties, length of the trading relationship, country and industry, company growth and market share, financial strength and credit risk scoring, Days Sale Outstanding (DSO), Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), and Cash Conversion Cycle (C2C), payment behavior and payment discounts.

Getting Started

How to get started?

To get started, we sign an NDA to keep everything confidential. Once signed, we share a Template Spend File in Excel format allowing you to securely upload the data onto the ADA Platform.

What data do you need to provide?

The good news is that you only need to share a minimum of six data points to get started. The data points include: Name of your Buying Entity, Supplier Name, Supplier Country, Purchasing Volume, Currency of Spend, and Current Payment Terms.

How much data do we need to run an analysis?

Ideally, the more information we are provided, the more robust the analysis will be.  This allows the platform to identify common suppliers belonging to the same parent or similar vendors with different payment terms. 
Within a few days, Calculum will provide you with a full demo of the results showing where you stand in comparison with your peers and where are the biggest opportunities to improve your payment terms.

What do you get once the data had been analayzed? 

A lot of insights.  We will tell you where to concentrate your efforts to improve your payment terms with which suppliers, in which countries, commodities, industries, and many more details. The ADA Platform will show you what terms are applied by your competitors, for each single supplier, based on anonymized company data and market information.
In addition, we show you the optimized terms and how to negotiate them with all the arguments and insights, as well as a full online script to negotiate terms with everysingle supplier.

The Services you’re offering

What does Calculum offer?

Calculum’s ADA platform allows your company  to compare with your  competitors. With the web-based platform leveraging artificial intelligence, you can analyze all your suppliers in terms of payment terms, financials, sustainability, ESG (Economic Social Governance), and seize all the necessary arguments to negotiate more favorable terms.

Why choose Caluclum?

There are four main reasons why companies  are using Calculum’s ADA Platform and its services: (1) increase their liquidity by reducing their working capital and increasing free cash flow, (2) reduce costs of purchasing by improving margins and generating early payment cash discounts, (3) improve working capital metrics such as Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), Days Payable Outstanding (DPO), and Cash Conversion Cycle (C2C), (4) mitigate supply chain risk & explore ESG insights to  help focus on key suppliers and support sustainability.

What is included in our  offering for ADA?

The ADA Platform provides different modules which allow you (1) compare and benchmark yourself with your peers and competitors, (2) categorize your suppliers, providing you an aggregated view ofyour spend concentrations, credit scoring, terms, geographies, and  industries, (3) analyze the optimized payment terms based on your corporate goals and strategies, (4) negotiate your terms with your suppliers with customized scripts with all required arguments to achieve the results.

Our procurement team sets the payment terms, how can we convince them about your indications on terms?

Let’s show them the results and the potential benefits uncovered by the ADA Platform in comparison to your peers. Once you show the results to your procurement team with all the insights and negotiation arguments per supplier to achieve the benefits, they will be onboard.
It is important for procurement teams to understand that the ADA Platform is supporting them in their negotiation efforts and getting more insights intotheir supplier base. However, their knowledge ofthe specific category, their relationship with the suppliers, and their negotiation skills remain their expertise.

Can you try using ADA before signing up?

Yes, 100%. We will show you the results and the potential opportunity to optimize your terms with your suppliers with your actual spending data and vendors before you make the decision of sign up with Calculum. You can try the solution in a sandbox/demo environment to navigate through the different modules and solutions offered by the ADA Platform.


How do we capture  the right terms?

Calculum’s ADA Platform has analyzed over 1 million companies from multiple industries, and countries, as well as of various sizes and credit ratings selling various commodities. 
The combination of the growing amount of data and our analytics engine using artificial intelligence and multiple advanced statistical methods helps us ensure the right information is being collected and utlised. 

What are our sources of information for the spend data?

Data is aggregated from multiple leading sources and data providers with the most accurate and up-to-date information on millions of businesses worldwide. 
We work with data providers to review and integrate data before making it available to our customers so you can seamlessly link our data feeds to your models and proprietary datasets

Do you have data outside the US or Europe?

The answer is yes. Our clients are global, and their supply chains are global, with suppliers located in all major exporting countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and the Americas.

Do you have data on privately-owned companies?

Yes, most suppliers we analyzed in our ADA Database are privately-owned businesses based in different industries.

How do we take spend and sales data and identify the correct entities?

We use our internal ADA Database and leverage existing data points, as well as further enriching it with third-party data sources and providers.

How do you perform the analysis based on the information in your database?

Calculum’s ADA Platform has already analyzed over 1 million companies from multiple industries, and countries, as well as of various sizes and credit ratings selling various commodities. The database is growing on average by 10% on a month-by-month basis. 
In addition to the ADA Database, Calculum also leverages data from partners and external data providers. Instead of comparing the same suppliers, the ADA Platform compares companies with the same characteristics, selling similar products and services to your peers.

After using the platform, is this possible, is it possible to erase all the spend data?

Your data is not accessible to users outside your organization having access to the ADA Platform. For audit purposes, we cannot delete anonymized data in the ADA Platform. 

Are you re-using my data?

We are not sharing your spend and supplier data with any other company. Your data is yours. We are only leveraging additional data on a consolidated, anonymous basis, finding similar patterns and characteristics to determine the right payment terms.

Sharing of Spend and Supplier Information 

Can you work with different spend file formats that we provide you with?

On request, we may be able to map your file formats to the required ADA Platform template. However, the Excel or CSV format should be in a universal file format that every company can use and share data.

Can you still provide an analysis if I cannot deliver all the fields requested?

Yes, of course, but certain parts of the ADA Platform and dashboards might not be populated as required. Only six mandatory data fields are required, such as the Name of your Buying Entity, Supplier Name, Supplier Country, Purchasing Volume, Currency of Spend, and Current Payment Terms.

Can ADA be connected to an ERP system?

In the near future, Calculum will have  connectors to the main ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Netsuite, and Microsoft Dynamics. For the time being, the service is based on a manual file upload via a secured web service of the ADA Platform.


How do  we assure your  data is safe?

We are committed to keeping our customers’ data secure. As such, we consider privacy and security to be foundational requirements and core functions of the ADA Platform, as well as all our software development.
Enterprise-specific features like data ownership and user permissions are based on high-security standards without compromising on user experience. The ADA Platform is hosted in different data centers based on industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure.
With Calculum’s ADA Platform, you can perform your own analysis based on your customized dashboards instead of having a third party perform the analysis manually outside of your company’s premises, which many times could have been done on unsecured personal computers and  environments.  .

Who has access to your  data?

You are in full control of who has access to your data. The ADA Platform allows you to define who from your team has access to your spend data and suppliers.


How does the pricing work? 

The pricing is subscription-based depending  on  the number of suppliers, spend volume and potential benefit we unlock for your organization. Exact pricing for your specific business unit can be provided with some additional inputs, which depends, amongst others, on you and  your company’s unique goals.

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