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Calculum Inc

InvestVerte and Calculum join forces

September 22, 2022
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Calculum Inc

Press kit

March 5, 2020
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Calculum and InvestVerte enter in a Partnership to give companies access to ESG Ratings and Payment Terms Analytics

ESG ranking and analytics company InvestVerte and AI-based analytics company Calculum join forces to assist companies in optimizing their payment terms based on the sustainability of their business practices.

(Miami, London, September 21,2022) Calculum and InvestVerte announced today that both companies have partnered up in order to bring to their customers a combination of both negotiation of better payment terms and ESG (Environmental Social Governance) ratings—which help assess companies’ sustainability performance using key metrics like greenhouse gas emissions, water use, diversity policies and more. This will improve supplier-client relationships by giving them clarity on what's expected from each other in terms of sustainability practices as well as improve their working capital.

The agreement brings together supplier sustainability practices and payment terms and helps offering sustainability-linked financing(SLF) incentivizing suppliers to pursue long-term sustainability goals. Based on the 2030UN Sustainable Development Goals, SLF achieves its sustainability impact by tying pricing to the achievement of measurable goals, usually through interest rate step-ups or step-downs or early payments that can be linked to cash discounts.

Calculum is a data analytics and AI company that helps companies improve decisions made within their financial supply chains. Machine-learning based, InvestVerte provides ESG scoring, benchmark and portfolio arbitrage to its global client base.

“This partnership is going to benefit both of our customer bases,” said Oliver Belin, CEO of Calculum. “Combining environmental, social, and governance policies with access to better payment terms and financing will make it more likely for suppliers to practice sustainability.”

Calculum and InvestVerte’s clients will now have access to verified ESG rankings and analytics as well as working capital metrics.

“Being environmentally and socially conscious is the future of business and I feel that eventually, every company will be practicing ESG,” said Renaud Levy, CEO of InvestVerte, “This partnership will help bring greater attention to environmental sustainability and corporate governance issues in the working capital industry.”

About Calculum

Calculum is a Fintech Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) company, leveraging advanced analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) based systems to help companies improve their financial supply chains.  

Headquartered in Miami, the company empowers treasury organizations as well as credit and procurement teams, unlocking working capital, and reducing risk of supply chain disruptions for corporates, and their trading partners. For more information, please visit:

Media contact:
Phone: +1305 337 63 47

About InvestVerte

InvestVerte is an independent ESG and corporate governance research, rating, and analytics company that provides information to help investors around the world make the best investment decisions. Based in London, InvestVerte helps its customers evaluate companies and choose those that best match their needs. Composed of a dynamic team with more than 15 years of data, the company’s main advantage is its ability to adapt and respond to its customers’ requirements. For more information please visit:

Media contact:
Phone: +44 757 637 3772

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