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Calculum Inc

Modefinance International and Calculum enter strategic alliance

December 19, 2022
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Calculum Inc

Press kit

March 5, 2020
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(Milan, Miami - 19 December 2022) The award-winning data analytics company, Calculum, has announced its latest partnership with Modefinance International, the global branch leading Modefinance’s markets outside Europe.

The alliance incorporates the launch of a new service with the integration of Modefinance’s proprietary MORE® credit scoring within Calculum’s ADA® platform. Modefinance is a supervised Credit Rating Agency (CRA), and its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are currently used in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, letting customers evaluate more than 250 million companies and 65,000 banks globally. This collaboration enables all Calculum users to access AI-based credit scores instantly from a reputable and recognized rating agency, with the aim of helping companies negotiate optimized payment terms with their trading partners.

Modefinance’s MORE® score is derived from a relevant number of key factors and algorithms, developed to provide an overview of a company’s financial position and its level of financial risk and default probability. Ranging from AAA to D, the scores offer a comprehensive insight into a company’s current financial position and supply chain. Modefinance’s scores are delivered daily at a global level and used by more than 100,000 customers worldwide.

Calculum’s ADA Platform allows companies to compare themselves with their competitors, analyze suppliers’ payment terms, financials, sustainability and provides all the necessary arguments to negotiate more favorable terms. Combined with Modefinance’s fully automated credit scoring assessment process, Calculum users will now have an effective and intuitive risk assessment and analysis functionality on the ADA Platform.

Oliver Belin, CEO, Calculum Inc.

“As companies optimize better payment terms to unlock working capital and gain competitive advantage, an important aspect has emerged; the ability to measure the risk of their supply chain. This added functionality of enhanced risk intelligence will help improve our user’s ability to better benchmark their trading partners, leading to better decision making; and we cannot think of a better partner than Modefinance in this area.”
Cristian Giacomini, CEO, Modefinance International
”Thanks to a robust methodology that provides an AI-based credit score, the application of MORE® in Calculum’s ADA platform will bring additional value to corporates and financial players that act responsibly on credit risk evaluation.
Partnering with Calculum signals a crucial step for the introduction of large-scale scoring methodologies and tools for credit risk assessment to the corporate sector, helping to facilitate trading and optimize a healthy and robust financial flow.”

About Modefinance:
Founded in 2009, Modefinance is a native Fintech company specialized in companies’ and banks’ creditworthiness assessment, developing Artificial Intelligence solutions for credit risk analysis and management. In 2021 pursuing a global expansion, the company created the subsidiary Modefinance International, responsible for the markets outside Europe.

Thanks to MORE -Multi Objective Rating Evaluation- proprietary methodology, Modefinance is able to evaluate any company, regardless of sector, size or country: Modefinance acts as a registered CRA (Credit Rating Agency) in accordance with EU Reg. N. 1060/2009, and the credit ratings issued have legal value and can be used for regulatory purposes.

With a tailor-made, cloud-based and API approach, Modefinance solutions allow users to easily access a wide range of financial risk analysis tools, to automate current procedures. Modefinance supports financial services, companies and businesses in the daily management of exposure risk by providing high quality, transparent and reliable evaluations worldwide.
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Media Contact:
Alberto Gerin
Marketing Manager

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